How My Facial Roller Changed My Life?

How My Facial Roller Changed My Life?

Facial rollers have been ruling over the skincare industry for a few years, and the craze they got is impeccable, which led to these rollers selling at high prices. 

One way to tell whether the roller is original is by putting it on the face and checking if you can feel cold from the crystal. If yes, it is original. 

Facial rollers are made with old crystal stones, which help massage your face and move your facial muscles. There are many facial rollers in the market. The popular ones are, 

  1. Jade roller, 
  2. Gua Sha

Jade rollers and Gua Sha have been competing with each other. However, they both are unique. Let’s understand the difference and features. 

Jade roller:

A jade roller is an anti-aging stone that helps sculpt, detoxify, massage, and improve blood circulation. 

Jade roller comes in 2 oval-shaped marbles. The big marble is used in the big areas of the face and the smaller marble for the eyes and chin areas.

After using a Jade roller for a month with the right methods of massaging, the difference that we can notice is that it lifts and tightens the skin and reduces crow lines and fine lines. Defined cheeks, nose, and eyes and reduced puffiness are visible differences.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a Chinese word. Gua means “to scrape,” and Sha means “redness or bruises.”

 This method is used by Chinese healers used in traditional medicine practice. However, in skincare, people use Gua Sha to reduce puffiness and inflammation and release tension in the face. 

Unlike Jade roller, Gua Sha can be made with different crystals and shapes. The most popular one is with rose quartz crystal. Depending on the skin concerns, people choose the shape and crystal of the Gua Sha. 

For a well-defined jawline, heart-shaped Gua Sha works the best. 

After using a Gua Sha for 30 days with the right massage techniques, a visible difference is seen on jaw lines and cheekbones. They are more defined and can feel the sensation beneath the skin after the massage.

Gua Sha is perfect for relaxing facial muscles and facial blood circulation. 

Any technique is performed between three to five times per action and once or twice a day. This can only be performed after skin hydrating with face oil or moisturizer. 

Unsweetened Beauty products collection has a hybrid serum moisturizer that helps with deep hydration, making the roller glides move smoothly.  

You don’t need to spend thousands on these tools if you can spare some more time on facial yoga and exercise. You can easily achieve the same results from it. However, if you are curious and want to try it out, go out and explore with stones, shapes, and sizes. And use it for at least 30 days to see a difference. 

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