Let’s hear it from our founders

Beauty industry is booming fast, which makes it tough to select a product. A few months back, we were struggling with our skin problems. We decided to look into the science of skincare and talked with experts in the industry. Soon we realized that there are a lot of myths floating in the market related to skincare.

We wanted to do something. We wanted to spread awareness. After pondering for a while, we decided to create an Instagram page to spread awareness among skincare enthusiasts and someone who is completely new to skincare.

Fast-forward to a few months, our Instagram page was doing fine, but something wasn’t right. The skincare products. It’s hard to find products that are suitable for a particular skin type. We realized this is a field where we can contribute.

We started a new journey with one motive: “skincare products that actually work.” We talked to dermatologists, chemists, and experts in the industry and launched our very first product.

You can check out our recent product here.

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  • Power of plants & Active ingredients

    We only use clinically tested ingredients at proven levels to make a difference in your skin.

  • Uncomplicated routines

    We believe in products that are multi-purpose, easy-to-use formulas that simplify your skincare routine.

  • Cruelty-free products

    We are strictly against testing products on animals.

  • Minimalistic ingredients

    We believe in using minimal and uncomplicated ingredients.

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