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Did you know? 87% of beauty products purchased go unused? Which is, almost 9 products out of 10 that you purchase, go to waste. 

There’s no denying that beauty is a confusing minefield. With so many products around, it is almost impossible to pick the right one. Our founders faced the same problem. Let’s hear it from them. 

Vaishnavi mentioned, “Arthi and I are on the different beauty spectrums. Arthi is a beauty enthusiast and is always on the hunt for the next best product. Whereas I'm a simple beauty user, just wanting something that works. Yet, despite our distinct beauty profiles, we faced the same problem. Like 300 others we spoke to, we found ourselves drowning in a sea of recommendations, only to end up with products that didn’t work.” 

Looking for a solution, Arthi and Vaishnavi started a beauty community. A space where like-minded beauty enthusiasts could exchange honest recommendations and reviews with each other. 

Arthi says, “That’s when it hit us, with technology we can scale the community and build a system that matches users with their right product fit. Just like tinder but for beauty. Unsweetened beauty can be the beauty matchmaker.” 

Unsweetened Beauty is a beauty tech platform that uses AI-powered algorithms to match every user to the right product based on their personal profiles. We call ourselves "Tinder for beauty products." We make it easy for users to swipe left and right on products and find a match based on their needs and preferences.

How we Benefit Users & Businessses


  • No more reading reviews, match with products in 60 seconds.
  • Saves money & time by avoiding wrong purchases.


  • Increases conversion with targeted product matches
  • Offers valuable insights via data analytics.

Meet the faces behind UB!!


  • Three minds, one madness
  • 'Get Stuff Done' ethos
  • Fueled by passion and caffeine





  • Survives on coffee
  • Talks about data
  • Codes like they're writing poetry




  • RGB? More like OMG.
  • Sees the world in Palettes & Patterns
  • Always on the hunt for the Pixel Perfection


Content & Community:

  • Talks in emojis only
  • Got a meme degree
  • Grammar police in disguise



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