How often do you do a skin care routine?

How often do you do a skin care routine?

We all want clear, bright, hydrated skin, but getting healthy skin can be daunting. With so many products on the market, knowing when and how frequently you should use them can be challenging. Following these guidelines will help you get the most out of each item after you've chosen the best products for your skin concerns.

Cleanser: No matter how lax your skin care regimen is, you should always wash your face at least once daily. Oily or combination skin may benefit from twice-daily washes (morning and night). Use a gentle but thorough cleanser to remove dirt, grease, and grime without stripping the skin of oils.

Moisturizer: To stay hydrated, soft, and supple, all skin types require a daily dose of moisturizer. Those with oily skin should apply a lightweight moisturizer daily to balance the skin. In contrast, dry skin may benefit from using a more lush moisturizer in the morning and at night. 

SPF: Every day, the skin requires a layer of skin-protecting SPF. Incorporate this step into your makeup routine. 

The above steps need to be done daily. 

Mask: A mask provides both me-time and skin benefits. Use masks only once or twice a week for best results. Choose a mask that is right for you and set aside some time to relax and enjoy some downtime while it works.

Exfoliator: While it may be tempting to use an exfoliator on your face or body daily, these treatments are most effective when used once or twice a week to help skin slough away dead skin cells. Exfoliators can be too harsh on the skin, leaving redness and irritation behind instead of smooth skin. Choose a scrub appropriate for your needs, and spend a few minutes in the shower once or twice a week to scrub away dry, flaky skin.

The above steps need to be done weekly. 

Spot treatments: Some skin care products are infrequently used rather than regularly. Spot treatments, for example, should be used sparingly on active breakouts once or twice a day until the blemish subsides.

It can be challenging to perfect your skincare routine at first. Read the labels of each product to ensure you are following the directions correctly, and then devise a strategy for when and where you should use your products. Soon, you'll have a routine that is simple to follow and maximizes the benefits of each product.

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