How to Find My Skin Type?

How to Find My Skin Type?

While there are several skin care products available on the market, we found that there aren't enough guides to find your skin type. 

So here you go: The ultimate guide to finding your skin type!

Before we begin, why is it important to know our skin types? 

Knowing your skin type is crucial because using the wrong skincare or makeup product will worsen your skin instead of making it look better. That's why it is important to identify your skin type before choosing the skin care products 

The 5 skin types

Moving on to identifying your skin type, there are 5 skincare types in total. They are,

Normal skin type

This is the skin type that everyone wants! Normal skin is the one that is well balanced and displays no persistent skin issues. 

Oily skin type

This means that your skin produces more oil and sebum than it is expected to. Oily skin is often accompanied by skin concerns like breakouts and blackheads. 

Dry skin type

This is just the opposite of an oily skin type. Dry skin is characterized by dry, dull, flaky and scaly skin. 

Combination skin type

A combination skin type is characterized by an oily T-zone (your nose and forehead). And the remaining part of your face remains normal. 

Sensitive skin type

As the name suggests, a sensitive skin type is the one sensitive to anything you apply to your skin. The sensitivity range varies from person to person. One might have slight redness on their skin while others may have heavy irritation when exposed to new products. That being said, a sensitive skin type is always identifiable through visible symptoms. 

Identify your skin type

And here's a simple step to identify what's your skin type

Step 1:

Cleanse your face with a regular face wash. Make sure it's not too harsh on your skin. A gentle cleanser will do the job perfectly. 

Step 2:

Dry it out with a soft towel or a napkin. Do not rub your face too hard. 

Step 3:

Keep your skin naked without applying any products for an hour. 

Step 4:

After an hour, take a clean and dry tissue and dab it on your skin evenly. Don't press too hard. 

Step 5:

Look at the tissue and your results are ready! 


  • Normal skin type: The tissue has no oil marks on it. 
  • Oily skin type: The tissue feels too oily. 
  • Dry skin type: The tissue comes off with white flakes on it. 
  • Combination skin type: The tissue is only oily in certain zones. 
  • Sensitive skin type: Your face feels irritated and red after you dab the tissue. 

The bottom line 

And yes, your skin type can change due to many factors including diet, location and even pregnancy sometimes. Therefore, a skin type test now and then will keep you on the right track to choosing the right products for your skin. 

Now that you know everything fro why it is important to find the suitable product for your skin type to identifying your skin type, what are you waiting for? 

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