How do in-store recommendations outweigh online reviews?

What do you do when a salesperson recommends you a product? 

Do you buy it online or offline? 

Through our community insights, we found something interesting about this question. When a salesperson recommends a product, do customers tend to purchase it in the store, or do they prefer to buy it online? In this blog post, we will be sharing our community insights and delving deep into the purchasing patterns of consumers.

Our community data revealed a fascinating trend: despite the surge in online shopping, many consumers still opt to buy products in-store following a salesperson's recommendation. But why does it happen? 

There's a certain magic in the in-store experience. The ability to touch, feel, and try products shouldn't be underestimated. When a salesperson, with their expertise and understanding, guides you through the products and recommends something, it often feels like a personalized recommendation, leading to higher trust and an immediate purchase decision. 

A third (32%) of beauty shoppers use recommendations from store specialists to learn more about new products. 

And nearly three in 10 (29%) trust these recommendations when making a purchase decision. 

This human touch fosters a sense of trust and often leads to customers purchasing then and there. This indicates that the in-store endorsement by a professional holds substantial sway in the decision-making process.

The same process also occurs online. Dermatologists and skincare experts have become the new beauty influencers. A user tends to buy a product if it's recommended or reviewed by an internet personality. Even though they cannot touch or feel it, they can get an idea through the review. 

Instagram is the top channel for consumers to learn about beauty products they've never purchased before – followed closely behind by TikTok. 

It's clear that while online shopping continues to grow, the in-store experience remains irreplaceable, particularly when it's enhanced by the touch of a salesperson's recommendation. This also indicates how, irrespective of the platform, people buy products based on recommendations they get from their surroundings. 

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