The Best Body Lotions to Soothe and Moisturize Dry Skin

The Best Body Lotions to Soothe and Moisturize Dry Skin

With so many generic body care products that contain high alcohol content and silicones, which are very harmful to our skin, it is hard to find the right body lotion. But don’t worry, because we have come up with the best body lotion on the market. To find out more about it, keep reading! 

What makes a good body lotion?

But you might have a question now. What does the right lotion do? Here are five benefits of choosing the right lotion!

Replenish moisture

A good body lotion repairs your skin from deep within, revives it from dead skin cells, and locks in the moisture from the natural oils in your dermis. With body lotions, your skin feels smooth and silky and completely moisturized. It also prevents dryness and other infections such as eczema, keratosis, and other skin diseases. 

Provides hydration

A good body lotion hydrates your skin well, locks in moisture, and makes your skin feel deeply conditioned, moist, and dewy. 

Prevents microbial infection

A generic lotion stays on the top layer of your skin and gets washed away easily. But a good body lotion enters into several layers of skin. It not only moisturizes your skin but also acts as the body’s frontline barrier of defense to prevent microbes from entering the body, keeping your skin healthy and healing. 

Makes your skin glow

A good body lotion dives deep into the skin, rejuvenates the tissues, wipes all the dead cells, gets rid of flaky, chapped skin, and provides a supple glow to the skin.

Prevents aging

Applying a good body lotion regularly prevents wrinkles. Yes, you heard us right. A good body lotion also has anti-aging properties, which prevent your skin from aging and leaves a youthful glow. 

Brownie point: 

It can also help your fragrance last long! Yes, while generic brands come up with artificial fragrances which are super harmful to the skin, a good body lotion has no fragrance. Instead, it can act as a medium that traps the fragrance you put on and makes it last longer! 

What is the best way to use a body lotion?

Take a pump of the body lotion. Rub it between your palms to warm up the lotion. Now gently massage the body lotion in small circular motions on your skin until the lotion is absorbed fully.

Unsweetened beauty’s pro tip for using a body lotion like a pro:

Apply the lotion on damp skin, preferably straight out of the shower, to get the best results from the lotion. Plus, body lotions can also be your instant mood lifters.


Winter is on the way, and so is our enemy - the dry skin! Of Course, we all know, “Nourished inside, glow on the outside.”

But did you also know that body lotions are the cheapest way to nourish your skin from the outside? Forget all the high-end body butter and creams. Body lotions are your way to go!

Now that you know what the best lotion does and how to use it, we have also found the best body lotion to include in your body care routine! 

Unsweetened’s beauty super calm body lotion is the best body lotion in its purest form. With Vitamin A, B, C & E, and natural lavender essence is pure bliss for your skin!

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