Unknown skin care habits that can worsen your acne

Unknown skin care habits that can worsen your acne

Acne is the most common skin issue faced by men and women of all ages. There might be several reasons you might have acne and breakouts like genetics, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, etc. But apart from this, you might be doing certain things unknowingly that can lead to acne and breakouts. 

We have compiled the nine most common skincare habits that can worsen your acne.  

  1. Sleeping with your makeup on

You would have heard everyone say it is essential to remove your makeup before bed. When you sleep with your makeup, it can clog your pores and can accumulate a lot of dirt along with make-up. So, it is essential to remove your makeup before going to sleep.


  1. Washing your face throughout the day

It's a misconception that washing your face frequently throughout the day is good for your skin. Instead, it only makes your skin oily and ideal for bacterial growth, thus worsening your acne situation.


  1. Using the wrong products

Every skin type needs different products and skin care regimens. Following the same skin care routine as your favourite celebrity might not help your skin conditions.


  1. Sharing make-up brushes

Your makeup brushes contain the most bacteria in them. When you share it with your friends, you both can get infected. So clean your brushes regularly and use them for yourself.


  1. Too much scrubbing

Too much scrubbing and exfoliating with harsh chemicals can dry out your skin, leading to more irritation and acne.


  1. Popping pimples

Again it's a misconception that popping your pimples can prevent them from coming again. But it is not true. Popping your pimples will only make the acne occur more frequently.

 Mixing hair care and skin care products

Each product has its purpose. Using it the other way round will bring about acne issues and hair problems like dandruff and hair fall. 

  1. Sunbathing

While sunbathing is good, too much sunbathing is not good. Also, there's a right way and time to do it. The ideal time to go in the sun is 2 hours before it goes down and 2 hours after it is up. And always wear your sunscreen when you go out. 

  1. Too much acne medication

Too much of anything is good for nothing. While it can be soothing to apply more and more of that acne cream, it can dry up your skin, and instead of preventing acne, it can reverse its job. 

If you seem to follow these skincare habits, please stop immediately! 

Last words, 

You cannot get rid of acne by following one or two products. Multiple factors cause acne, and if you want to get rid of acne, you need to ensure that you are balancing out everything. For example, people often invest in expensive skincare products but forget to take care of their diet. Unfortunately, eating out daily and then using a 5000 bucks serum will do no good. 

Treat the problem from its root cause, and avoid quick fixes.   

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