What Causes Dark Eyelids And How To Get Rid of It?

What Causes Dark Eyelids And How To Get Rid of It?

Many people think that having black eyelids makes them appear exhausted. Even though this symptom is not harmful, it occasionally compromises a person's health and self-esteem.

A doctor might be able to make recommendations for ways to lessen dark eyelids, depending on the cause. Those at risk for developing dark eyelids may also benefit from preventative measures.


  1. Pregnancy

Women may observe changes in their skin during pregnancy. Melasma is among the most typical skin problems that develop during pregnancy. Melasma during pregnancy causes dark or gray-brown hyperpigmented areas to appear on the face.

  1. Genetics

According to some experts, our genes may impact how dark eyelids develop. Some family members may experience this symptom more severely than others.

  1. Inflammation-related hyperpigmentation

Dark eyelids and hyperpigmentation might result from chronic eczema and allergic eye inflammation.

  1. Skin melanocytosis

Skin cells called melanocytes are responsible for producing melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. Melanocytes in the skin's dermis may be present in people with dermal melanocytosis, which can result in dark eyelids. Dermal melanocytosis patients frequently have grey or blue-gray spots on their eyelids.

  1. An increase in blood vessel density

The thinning of the skin and the existence of blood vessels surrounding the eyelids are two additional common causes of dark eyelids. During menstruation, people could observe a darkening of the skin around their eyes. Darkening under the eyes is typically brought on by increased vascularity.

  1. Bags around the eyes

There may be swelling around the eyes in a person with dark eyelids that gets worse in the morning or after consuming a salty meal and gets better throughout the day.

  1. Environmental factors

Sunlight exposure might make dark eyelids worse. Doctors speculate that other environmental factors may contribute to or exacerbate dark eyelids, even though clinical investigations have not yet proven these theories. These elements consist of Stress, insomnia, alcoholism, and smoking.


Doctors must first identify the underlying cause of dark eyelids before deciding on a specific course of treatment. Depending on the underlying cause, several lifestyle modifications can help lighten dark eyelids. 

Keep track of your lifestyle. If darkening becomes more noticeable after eating a salty meal, lower salt intake. If darkening worsens with insufficient sleep, ensure you sleep for 7-8 hours. If swelling from allergies or other factors worsens dark eyelids, apply cold compresses.

Numerous lifestyle modifications might enhance general health and the appearance of dark eyelids. Doctors may also recommend various topical medications depending on the reason for the dark eyelids.

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