What Causes Sudden Breakouts and How to Avoid Them?

What Causes Sudden Breakouts and How to Avoid Them?

An important day is around the corner, and you have got a new pimple? We understand nothing can be more annoying than a sudden breakout, especially before an important or special event. There are various reasons behind sudden breakouts. In this article, we will discuss the major and common causes of sudden breakouts and how to fix them. 

Towards the end of the article, you will find 3 quick fixes to get rid of that annoying zit. Let’s dive in! 

What causes sudden breakouts? 

Stress, a common reason behind breakouts. Have you ever noticed how you get acne over your forehead or face before a big event? Yes, because you were stressed out about the presentation or the outfit and it reflects on your face. You may ask, isn’t it inevitable? Yeah, that’s right, but we can take a few steps to prevent it. 

Meditation helps with calming down the stress hormones and your mind. Also, try noting down your thoughts that might help you get your head clear. Working out is also a great stress buster, plus sweat out the toxins. 

Did you change or add a new skincare product to your regime? The culprit is right there. Even though the products may be gentle, your skin reacts with the ingredients. That’s why we recommend doing a patch test before you include a product in your daily regime. Stay away from alcohol, fragrance, and harsh chemical-based products. 

Products can help with your skin texture and tone to some extent, but diet is the ultimate way to fix your skin and any problem. If you are using products worth thousands but consuming unhealthy, sugary and junk food regularly, then all your products are in vain. Make sure you eat healthy, workout daily, and get 8 hours of your beauty sleep. Yes, you can have cheat meals in between, but keep them to once in a while and don’t make it a habit. 

We discussed a lot about lifestyle changes and things that will help you in the long term. However, what if you have an event tomorrow and you need to get rid of that red pimple from your face? 

Here are five products that you can use which will help you tame down your pimple. Because chances of getting rid of a breakout overnight are very low.

  1. Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is an essential oil, and it is great for drying out acne. It is a concentrated essential oil, so make sure you just use a drop or two, otherwise, it can burn your skin. Apply it to the affected area and leave it overnight. Next morning, you will notice the visible difference.
  2. Spot treatments – ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, sulphur or azelaic acid are very effective for treating acne, apply this spot treatment only on the breakout areas.
  3. Pimple patches – hydrocolloid pimple patches with salicylic acid or micro dart pimple patches are very useful when used over night to reduce the pimple or help heal a breakout. 
  4. Exfoliate – Now, this is not a quick fix. This will take 3-4 days to see visible results. You can exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub. Do not use a physical scrub as it might lead to micro-tear of the skin and infection in that area. Use a chemical exfoliant like AHA, BHA or PHA.
  5. Clay mask – Clay masks are cooling and cleansing! Wash your face and apply a clay mask for 15-20 minutes. Let it dry and wash it off. Pat your face dry and then you can use any spot treatment. This will help the process fasten up. 

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