Skin Myths

We’re setting the record straight on myths you’ll cross in skincare.

Chemical free products are better for your skin

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Water itself is a chemical, there is nothing as chemical free products.

If a skincare product burs, it means it is working

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A little tingling is normal but stinging or burning is not normal. It means you could be having an allergic reaction.

If retinol irritates your skin, stop using it

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If you feel any type of irritation, don't stop retinol entirely rather chnage how and when you're using it. Decrease the frequency of use to twice a week, then slowly increase as tolerated.

You should spend more for better skincare

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The effectiveness of the ingredients and the formulation itself is what matters, not the price.

You need to keep changing your products to maintain healthy skin

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Skincare products you have been using don't stop working for your skin after a period of time. Active ingredients generally take around 1-3 months to work. Continue using products that are working for you.